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Learning teaching training activity in beautiful Sandeford (Norway) hosted by Fønix

Throughout the training, the teachers discussed the various aspects of Blended-Learning approaches, such as the benefits and challenges they experienced when first using this teaching style. They were also introduced to best practices our Norwegian partner has established within the last years since implementing eLearning activities into their portfolio. Besides that, they extensively tested the LMS platform and reviewed the learning program that we developed, which will enable teachers to create their own Blended-Learning courses. We gained valuable insight into where we need to make adjustments from their input.

From the 5. – 8.04. we met in beautiful Sandefjord at the facilities of our Norwegian Partner Fønix. The partners working on the project were accompanied by trainers from Germany, France, Lithuania and Italy.

Based on this feedback we will make some final modifications to make the learning program as helpful to teachers as possible. Once that is done, the learning program will be publically available.

So stay tuned for what’s to come.