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Project result 2 is ready – Handbook on the creation of a Blended-Learning course

What is it about?

We provide you with a complete handbook on implementing Blended-Learning activities, covering everything from conducting a needs assessment, designing a digital learning course, and developing learning materials to launching the course.

The content of this handbook is based on the findings of the research we did earlier in the project, which you can find under the research tab.

What are the benefits?

With this handbook, we provide you with everything you need to implement Blended-Learning modalities in your lessons successfully. By leading you through the process step by step, you will gather all the necessary knowledge you need to kickstart your eLearning journey.

Who is it for?

This handbook is for trainers and educators who work in adult education, mainly for educators who work in vocational and educational training and want to implement the Blended-Learning approach to their lessons.