Second in-person meeting hosted by our Lithuanian Partner EU-Trade

The third transnational partner meeting of the project took place in Lithuania on the 24th and 25th of February 2022. This time, the host partner was the Lithuanian partner, EU-Trade, who welcomed the representatives of Osengo from France, Fonix AS from Norway, Euroform RFS from Italy and Wisamar from Germany to Vilnius. 

On day one, the participants once again met with local stakeholders. They discussed the ongoing that the pandemic caused on VET teaching and training in general. Although the situation is demanding, blended learning is one of the best options to deliver valuable training.  

On the second day, we discussed the learning materials we have almost finished to ensure their usefulness for the VET professionals. We also discussed the organisational needs of the upcoming training event that will take place in Norway at the beginning of April and created the schedule for it.