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The BlendedVET (KA2) project started in September 2020 and will last 24 months. It will focus on the topic of blended learning and will provide the following results:

  • A collection of research on best practices and methods for blended learning
  • A learning package on how to create blended learning either from scratch or by transforming existing material
  • A blended learning training program
  • A Learning Platform that contains all the findings on how to create a blended learning course presented in an interactive way

BlendedVET, aims to create online, flexible training for VET trainers willing to combine face-to-face and online instruction modalities. Blended learning has become a widespread teaching modality, especially in K-12 and higher education. The project will be an answer to helping VET teachers to transform existing training into blended learning or create blended learning training. More specifically, we aim to provide VET trainers with examples of existing blended courses to inspire them and to give them methodology and guidance for developing their blended learning course based on the training they deliver. For this purpose, we will create a learning package on blended learning and an interactive training course (so trainers can directly experience the methodology while creating their content), allowing teachers to implement the training in all VET centres and on any topic.
Our outcomes will not be topic-related but blended learning methodology related.

Based on the above, our main goals are:

  • Promoting lifelong learning of VET teachers
  • Supporting the innovative approaches and digital technologies for teaching and training

Stay with us to learn more about the project!

Project partners are Aformac from France, EU-Trade from Lithuania, Fonix AS from Norway, Euroform RFS from Italy and Wisamar from Germany.